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Into Action; Battle Cries


February 14, 2022 by bittnerks


Rull, dressed as a Native American leaps over his classmates to join in protest. In this scene we see the youth bounded together in protest. Waving flags and demonstrating. Rull dresses like this too somehow relate his struggle with that of the Native Americans, but more so just to bring attention and energy to the student protest. The scene is set up as a battlefield would be, on one side the student protesters, on the other the Police. The state and its constituents squared off in an epic battle. Led by their fearless leader, Rull. His jump over the students and into the middle of the “battlefield” show that he was never afraid of the state or what they represented. The other students stay together and locked. Rull acts independently and erratically which is consistent with his character throughout the film. In the middle of the “Battlefield” is the German Iron Cross, representing German strength and unity. He disrespects every aspect of this symbol during his protest, by dressing as another culture he abandons his own, by dancing and jumping on it, he makes a mockery of it. One often wonders Rull’s true motives for his actions, does he actually care about the education system and its flaws? Or does he act out of selfish reasons, his attention seeking antics seem to suggest the ladder.



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