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“Bild Makes Stupid”


February 14, 2022 by haasepl

This GIF perfectly represents the ideology of people back then in Germany. Especially teachers teaching the younger generation about the rules they have to follow in the near future. In this scene the teacher makes the students aware of that the “Bild” Newspaper makes stupid in his opinion and therefore the students should not read this. Other examples in the movie for example why the students had to name a job they are seeking for in the future also dig into the concept of government control. Back then this was a big topic with the establishment of the DDR government in Germany. Coming back to the Teacher-Student scene, it shows clearly the way of how things are seen and transmitted to others. Freedom of Press and Speech, which this scene is talking about is quite neglected by the teacher. This meant people were limited to things they were allowed to do or in this case supposed to do by society. But going further people like the students disliked these beliefs and therefore revolted. Scenes like these were captured in a more dramatic way by going up close to the actor and only showing him in front of the blackboard.



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