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An “Idiotic” Protest


February 14, 2022 by coelhoce


A reocurring theme throughout I am an Elephant, Madame (Ich bin ein Elefant, Madame is the original German title) is characters making rather dumb choices in a means to protest. It tends to be that the means of protest are idiotic, but the point still stands. Such is in this scene where we see the character Koch calling another classmate for a remark that he made to the teacher that he finds rather idiotic.

An example would be like just moments after this scene, another character Rull (who could potentially be called an antagonist depending on how he’s looked at) starts a small debate with the class teacher about if he hypothetically did not have his homework. At first it may seem like idiotic rambling that serves no purpose, but the underlying cause is to expose the recent issues students had been having with the tram services. Rull says “What would you say if I’d say that I don’t have my homework with me… What would you say if I’d say that the tram was late.” While the means of making the argument is rather annoying to his fellow classmates as well as nonsensical, it does get the point across that there are problems with the tram.



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