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Negative Gefühle


February 13, 2022 by grahaman1

The movie “Ich bin ein Elefant, Madame“is a film about a group of high scool students who are taking the Administration of their school by storm with protest. There is one student this movie follows in particular, this is Rull who is a troublemaker and fights the hardest in the protest. These funny protests are stage and odd ways the Rull wants to express his opinion. With this gif this can express the whole movie wrapped in a few seconds the oddities of the movie with them just lying in chairs outside naked with what looks to be a mushroom or stick on rulls chest. They also express their issues with Germany and that can be a show of the protest throughout the film. They film makers use closes up slightly high angle shots to get a sense of their emotions towards their home country of Germany. With these angles expressions of any kind are more noticeable and can give the viewer more of a connection with the characters so it makes the veiwers feel like there are there in the moment and sense its early on in the film they can feel connected to the characters throughout the film.


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