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I Am a Cultural Appropriator, Madame.


February 13, 2022 by corkeryab

There is a lot of irony in this gif. The kids from Rull’s school are protesting the tram fares nonviolently. Rull arrived and added completely different energy to the dispute. The students specified the protest as being non-violent. There was no harm that they wanted to be done. When Rull comes in, he gives this protest a connotation that is not peaceful at all. Rull not only has a bow and arrow, but he shoots it in the air. Even if the end of the arrow does not have a sharp end to it, shooting it in the air gives a possibility of someone getting hurt. In times like protest, the littlest issue can set someone off. The police that were there was looking for anything to arrest them for. The tension was so high, one injury could have caused a riot. Furthermore, there is cultural appropriation that is occurring in this clip. This is not physically violent but it is very offensive to Native Americans. Rull’s actions were completely unnecessary during this protest. This protest could have been done without his offensive addition. He only wanted the spotlight on him and offended an entire group of people solely because he wanted attention. This attention, in turn, got him tackled by the police. The protest was fine without him and they did not need his “help” at all.


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