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I am a Protester, Madame


February 13, 2022 by woodjm

At it’s

I feel that at its core, I am an Elephant, Madame, is a film about protesting fascism and authoritarianism. Specifically, the two as they pertain to school and the educational system as a whole. This gif functions as a way to introduce the viewer to a setting that is conducive to student protest, specifically non-violent direct action protests. This is done because Rull, the main character, partakes in his own series of bizarre direct action protests to critique the fascist and authoritarian characteristics present in his school and hopefully succeed in setting up some type of democratic forum for the students. With that being said, I feel this gif also functions as a means to explain why Rull’s classmates were relatively supportive of him and wanted him to be able to continue to attend school. What I mean by this is that they respected Rull for his bravery and willingness to speak out against perceived injustices even if he is annoying and disruptive. His right to protest falls directly in line with the beliefs and practices of his peers as made evident by them protesting in the above gif.


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