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Living Under German Command


February 12, 2022 by kellycr

The gif I decided to analyze is from a scene that occurs more towards the end of the film, Ich bin ein Elefant, Madame. In the scene I chose, the person being interviewed is being disrespectful towards the Jews who had suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany. He was talking with a Jewish man and brought up the other people who were not Jews that died, saying that it was the same thing. He was sort of defending the swastika symbol that was painted for display. In this scene, a man with a microphone is going up to people on the street, interviewing them, asking for their thoughts on the war and how it was living under command of the Germans. The ones being interviewed speak to the camera, which sort of breaks that imaginary fourth wall. Brecht is all about breaking the fourth wall in his films to make the audience feel more unsettled. You will notice that this scene is in black and white, unlike the rest of the scenes in the film. They transitioned into a more documentary style way of filming in order for the message of the film to be more personal. They wanted to use a documentary style in order for the audience to feel as if it was a present and urgent issue.



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