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What In The World Are You Saying???


February 7, 2022 by densonjl

The two images from the movie are where Heydrich is yelling “DEUTSCH, DEUTSCH, DEUTSCH!” while the Czech man is utterly confused. Of course, the man is scared and confused, being yelled at in German is probably the most terrifying language to be yelled at in. This particular scene is significant in the film because Heydrich is foaming at the mouth about how everyone should be speaking German. He is an utter buffon to think that everyone would speak the same language in a room where Czechs are as well. Heydrich has high authority so to make himself come off as high and mighty he yells or drops his cane to make another Nazi pick it up just to prove how much power he truly has. While Heydrich is talking about God knows what the Czech man is asking another for translation. The talking sparks Heydrich to go off the rails and yell at the man “DEUTSCH, DEUTSCH, DEUTSCH!” That would probably be the only thing the Czech man could understand. The “DEUTSCH, DEUTSCH, DEUTSCH!” part could be used as the rule of 3, everything just sounds better when spoken in 3s. For Germany to become the rulers of the world (or so they thought) then everyone would need to speak German. Heydrich stands by that wholeheartedly, the Czech man, not so much.


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