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The Next Morning


February 7, 2022 by toccof

In this scene of the film, the Gestapo Inspector Ritter has spent all night out drinking and partying with Mascha’s finance, Jan Horak. He wakes up with lipstick smeared all over his face from the women he spent the night with. After Jan jokingly points out the lipstick, the Inspector walks over to the mirror and realizes that Mascha and Dr.Svoboda tricked him and faked having an affair. The lipstick stain was perfectly placed on Dr.Svoboda’s cheek while the Inspector has smeared color all over his. The Inspector realizes their plot and knows he must inform the Gestapo and arrest Mascha and the Doctor. Jan and he get into an altercation shortly after in which the Inspector leaves Jan tied up to his bed. This scene is pivotal because it is arguably the climax of the film. Jan and Dr.Svoboad’s cover is blown and it seems that they may be caught. The Czaka is also being framed for the murder of Heydrich. The Inspector is the only one who can prove that the Czaka is not guilty and it seems that he has gotten away during this scene. Although this changes when Jan gets free with the help of Beta and the Inspector is killed, this scene is very high-energy and ominous. It leaves you on the edge of your seat, especially during the fight scene. Overall, when the Inspector figures out the plot of Mascha and Dr.Svoboda, it seems that all the efforts of the Czech people will be for nothing and all hope may be lost.


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