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The Hang Man and the escape plan


February 7, 2022 by factorgb

Dr. Franz Svoboda is responsible for killing the hagman and because of that Dr. Franz Svoboda is attempting to flee the city to avoid persecution. He had a plan to leave the city with the escape drivers however this all fell apart due to the driver being arrested and unable to drive. Sice has nowhere to go he began through the street however Dr. Franz Svoboda isnt ready for the martial law that was orchtarted while he was outside util he meets  Mascha Novotny at a store ad he is able to stay at her home the night to be safe from the Nazi officers. However, staying the night benefited  Dr. Franz Svoboda very well because durring his stay Nazi officers took a new susupect in, Prof. Novotny. The Nazi  suspected that Prof. Novotnyq was the murderer of the hang man due to his anti Nazi views and belifs. I picked to make the meme that I made though because I thought that screenshot perfectly represented how Dr. Franz Svoboda  felt when he realized his escape driver was arrested and he couldt escape. I think everything from the way her hands are held to the way her jaw drops perfectly describes what the meme text says.


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