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The Gestapo and Spongebob Walk Into a Brewery…


February 7, 2022 by ashikarija

This meme is relevant to the film because it mocks the situation that Mr. Czaka finds himself in. He believes that he is safe and that everything is going according to plan, but in reality he has been framed and accused of murder. While this does not make up for all the hostages he took and all the lives he helped end, there is some semblance of justice in the fact that he ends up losing in the end. While Mr. Czaka has been aiding the Gestapo, Dr. Svoboda (the true killer) and his friends have been working to find a solution to the seemingly impossible situation Mr. Czaka and the Gestapo have put them in. While Czaka is not the main source of terror in the film, and the Gestapo are certainly more to blame, he is a cowardly man who has allowed for them to cause the death of dozens with his help. He is the worst kind of villain because his only motive is self-preservation, he has no moral compass or compassion, and as a fellow citizen should have been aiding his people instead of taking them hostage and murdering them. His nervousness and blundering dialogue in this scene inspired this meme because the smile he has in the screenshot quickly fades away. Even here, his smile is masking his fear and he is at a loss for words; just like Spongebob was when writing his essay.


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