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The Creation of Mr. Vanek


February 7, 2022 by kingsk

This scene is very important to the whole of the movie because this character that we know at this point as “Mr. Vanek” could have left this family out of his shenanigans but instead of leaving his interactions with Ms.Novotny to the single encounter, he stopped by her home. Ms. Novotny had mentioned her interaction with Mr. Vanek to her father earlier, so her father recognized the situation when a random man showed up at their door. Because Ms. Novotney’s father lied that it was past curfew, Mr. Vanek felt he had no other option than to stay the night at the family’s home. This led to the questioning of the family as well as the creation of a new imaginary character of Mr. Vanek the architect. The man did not want the family to know who he really was because he did not want to be caught for assassinating Heirrech. Since the man gave the family a fake name and backstory, they would not seem suspicious if questioned by the authorities. I do not think that Mr. Vanek thought that the whole family would be home so I think this image shows how he had to make up a backstory on the spot. I do believe that Mr. Vanek’s watch was the right time and he really was planning on having a short conversation with Ms. Novotney.


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