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Oh so inconspicuous


February 7, 2022 by coelhoce

This meme is inspired by the Tiktok trend from popular TV show Parks and Rec, using a sound with lyrics that went a little something like this: “Don’t be suspicious” much like the meme showcases. For reference, see this link to watch the video of the sound mentioned.

Dr. Franticek Svoboda, aka Karl Vanek (the alias he goes by through most of the film) is often portrayed as a suspicious person. From the first time he is seen interacting with female lead Mascha Novotny to even his interactions within his own practice, we can tell that he is someone to keep an eye on and be suspicious of. His presence throughout the film seeks to invoke thoughts like “What is his goal in doing what he is doing?” and “Why did he do X thing instead of Y thing” ultimately always making you question his motives up until the very end.

There isn’t really a moment where he is given a reprieve from his suspicious status, in fact there are times when he gets even more suspicious than before such as when he suddenly appears at the Novotny residence out of nowhere. At first it’s like “Why is he here” then it goes on to be “What is he trying to do.” Most of the time when a question about him is asked, it is on purpose.


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