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Look Up to Me


February 7, 2022 by angovec

These images are from the first few scenes, showing Heydrich showcasing his superiority to his people. The meme format comes from a viral meme of rapper, Drake. The first box is supposed to contain an “unhappy” image and the accompanying text should explain the image. The second photo is supposed to be “happy”. Here, Heydrich is shown upset that his inferior does not immediately pick up the cane that he -purposely- dropped in front of him. The second image shows a satisfied Heydrich after his cane had been returned. This proves that Heydrich is an overbearing, fearful leader that demands to be respected even if he does not deserve it. This meme format is also useful to explain the beginnings of the plot. It introduces the main characters and their roles within the film. Heydrich is shown as the leader, he controls the others. The action of dropping the cane in front of the inferior officer and standing, staring, shows Heydrich exercising his authority over the others. This also shows that Heydrich is immediately an unlikeable person, eventually leading to his assassination (the plot of the film). From the format of the meme, the audience is able to tell a lot about the film.


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