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Investigator vs Hero


February 7, 2022 by bittnerks

Drake, a popular rapper is shown here dancing. The top scene, dissing the Nazi investigator, the lower praising the hero. This meme simply shows who the good guys are. The Nazi oppression and fear tactics were in full effect during “Hangmen Also Die” and our main character is a sign of hope and strength for the people. His avoidance of capture allow the Czech people hope and a the knowledge that the nazis were not all powerful. The assassination of Heydrich was a massive win for the Czech people. The nazis round up 400 innocent people in an attempt to get the killer to step forward. He wants to turn himself in but his team refuses. Telling him he is the beacon of hope and strength. The Nazis, in the end, fail to capture him. This is a win not only for the Czech people as a whole but for the individual to know that they have the power to fight back against their foreign oppressors. Hangmen also Die highlights themes of resistance, fosters a sense of hope, and creates a clear good and evil narrative for the viewer to understand. The nazis are heartless animals that kill and oppress for sport, the Czech people are the proud and courageous fighters.


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