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Dieser Mann Verrückt


February 7, 2022 by nicolpe

This is the scene where Reinhardt Heydrich speaks in German to a room full of Czechs who don’t understand a word he is saying. Immediately his authority is shown by making his own pick up his stick. With the majority of the people in the room not understanding what he is saying, it puts Heydrich as an outsider and alienated from the group. Right after he left the room he had to have someone quickly translate what it is he said, which is almost comical. He has all of this authority, but has to have someone else to actually get the message across. Anything he said was not being heard and taken in by the people in the room. What is being processed, though, is that he is not someone to mess with and him having authority is very dangerous. Since there are no subtitles translating what he is saying in German us, as an audience, feel confused and lost just as the Czechs did in this scene. It almost makes Heydrich look silly and ridiculous. He takes up all of this time with a dramatic entrance to yell at everyone, just to sound like gibberish. Him wacking his stick screaming “Deutsch! Deutsch! Deutsch!” almost makes him look like a child throwing a tantrum over dropping their toy. It makes you think about what Germany is actually doing and how overly extreme their power is to the point where it is kind of stupid. Almost like how people can be so rich to the point where it’s stupid. It demonstrates to the audience that this ridiculous power needs to be addressed by a powerful country, like the U.S., to stop Germany from continuing feeding their power.


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