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War on Society


February 7, 2022 by haasepl

I have chosen these to scenes which come up at the very beginning of the movie, with illustrate for one that there is a shortage of food as the girl wanted to buy potatoes from the local shop owner and right after that scene the escaping vehicle from Hydreichs Assassin is being stopped by Nazi Soldiers and tolled to shut of the engine due to the shortage of gasoline. These two scenes really show what the people unwillingly had to go through in German controlled and occupied areas because of the war. Sure, enough the people didn’t like this at all as the facial expressions of the people showed us quite enough, telling us that they are annoyed of the situation and quite certainly want things to go back to normal or like it has been before. The way these short scenes were presented with short transitioning from one to the other also makes it come to mind how the situation is on the public. Going on you can easily tell as the audience how frustrating and annoying it must have been living under command of the Germans especially being in a weaker position as a non German with authoritarian soldiers giving commands to the public.




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