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Unity in Resistance


February 6, 2022 by kellycr

     The scene I chose to analyze for this assignment was when Dr. František Svoboda, a successful surgeon and Czech patriot, is clearly hiding from the German soldiers, who have taken occupation and are in control of Czechoslovakia. This scene is important because Svoboda had just assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, who is the Hangman of Europe. Something went wrong with his plan, so he was forced to run and hide from the soldiers. Thankfully, Masha Novotny, who was a random stranger, had given the German soldiers the wrong directions and Svoboda was able to succeed in escaping. At the time, she did not know what they wanted for him or why he was on the run, but Masha assumed anyone running from the Nazi’s was worth helping. This is an intense and action packed scene, with the soldiers chasing Svoboda and him struggling to make a smooth escape.

     After this scene, Masha takes Svoboda to her home in order to help him hide from the German soldiers. In the end, the Nazi’s end of taking 400 people hostage and end up killing a good amount, in hopes that the person who assassinated the Hangman will come forward. Instead, Czaka ends up being framed. The significance of the meme is how the Czech people banded together and in these terrible times showed unity, instead of fear. This truly portrays how strong and powerful they were, even when innocents had to be sacrificed. Svoboda even wanted to turn himself in to prevent executions, but the Czech people came to the conclusion that it would only make them look weak to the Nazi’s.



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