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The One Who Gets Double Crossed


February 6, 2022 by glenniecd

In the image above, we see Emil Czaka being accused of killing Reinhard Heydrich, even though resistance fighters killed him. It shows how the Czech people were able to work together and frame Czaka but not before the Nazis could execute many hostages. In this scene, where we see Czaka’s reaction to the officers finding the same gun used in the assassination, he is bewildered as to how all the evidence they are collecting is framed towards him. The moment the officers found the gun and arrested Czaka, they found propaganda papers and the dead body of inspector Gruber in the basement below. When Czaka is convicted, the executions are put to a halt, and Czaka is sent to be shot dead. What’s important in this scene is that even if one of the citizens told the truth that supported Czaka, they would have failed, and more people would likely be framed and killed. In addition, after this scene, we learn that the Nazis knew that Czaka couldn’t have been the assassin, and to keep their reputation of power, they chose him to be their cover-up due to the Czech people refusing to give up the real killer. This goes to show that even with all the fear and terror the Nazis persecuted on the people of Czechoslovakia, the will of the people stood firm.


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