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February 6, 2022 by Jack Wedge

In looking at the film Hangmen Also Die and this relatively short scene, the audience sees the way in which Gestapo questions Mrs. Dvorak about the way in which the assassin received help in his escape efforts. Although this scene is fairly short and somewhat insignificant, it does portray the manner to which there was absolutely a power dynamic that was put to the test in this film. The way in which Dvorak continually kept picking up the piece of the chair that was being pulled off was just a way to convey to viewers how many people were clearly viewed as second class citizens. Through this portrayal Fritz Lang is able to provide his audience with a portrayal of the reasonings as to why fascism in Germany and Europe in general was such a flawed and misconstrued form of government in which those in power would take advantage of those who lacked an authoritarian voice such as this officer. In essence this short scene epitomizes much of what the German regime was like at this time, as it shows the way in which he viewed her as a lesser individual and was just attempting to intimidate her in order to ascertain information pertaining to the assassin and the investigation at the time. All in all, it comes across as being something very intriguing to look at and see how Lang wanted to display the cocky nature of the Gestapo and their manner of intimidation.


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