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Father Knows All


February 6, 2022 by sullivandr1

While the overall tone and subject matter of Hangmen Also Die is quite heavy and serious, the film contains a few scenes which lighten the mood with comic relief. One of the notably humorous scenes was used in the creation of this meme. In the scene, Svoboda, (though we do not know his character by this name yet), knocks on the door of Masha’s family, and enters. In order to explain his intrusion to the family, he must not only give his name, but explain how he knows Masha.

Masha has a clear hesitation when her aunt asks her to introduce the man, at which point Svoboda interjects and introduces himself as “Mr. Vonyek”. Having gained at least his name, Masha leads him over to her father, where Svoboda explains that he and Masha met at the symphony, after which he had the honor to escort her back home. This scene is humorous as it is clear that both Masha and Svoboda are behaving very awkwardly in an attempt to avoid detection and suspicion, however, they do nothing but attract it. The father makes it very clear through his behavior that he believes neither one, but goes along with it for the sake of being courteous and polite, and likely intends to find out the truth later.


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