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Czech Solidarity


February 6, 2022 by pearsonkl

A central theme of Hangmen Also Die! was solidarity between the Czech people. They would cover for each other when it came to alibis and stories in order to frame Czaka for the murder of Heydrich. Many people from the restaurant workers to Czaka’s own butler corroborated the story. Also, when Mascha decided to go to the Gestapo to report Svoboda, the people came together to coerce her not to go in order to keep the plan on track saying things like “What could a respectable Czech girl want with the Gestapo?”

This meme shows how much trust was needed between the Czech people to try to pull off a plan as lucrative as the one they were trying to achieve. In order to take down a force as strong as the Nazi’s, sacrifices had to be made for the greater good shown in a conversation between a resistance leader and Svobeda. Svobeda wanted to turn himself in to prevent the executions, but the leader advised him against it so Svobeda would still be a strong representative of the power of the Czech people. If he were to surrender, then the Czech would look weak in the eyes of the Nazis.


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