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Laughing Through The Fear


February 6, 2022 by woodjm

The still used for this meme comes from the sequence in the movie in which it is discovered that there is a Gestapo spy amongst the Czech resistance group; who at a previous meeting tried to convince everyone to turn Svoboda in. He gives himself away by laughing at a joke told in German even though he’s not supposed to know how to speak the language, a sure sign of collusion. While this betrayal is key to the story, the important takeaway of this sequence is the Gestapo themselves and the influence they have at every level of society through their actions. They mainly functioned as a means to secure Germany’s power. This was done through the use of propaganda and terror. This terror was generated through acts of brutality, such as executing hostages, to intimidate those they are occupying into being a subservient terror-state. The infiltration not only shows the effectiveness of this tactic but also how widespread and deep-seated the fear of Germany is. It is not a far leap to assume that if not for the Gestapos use of terror-based tactics in this film Dr. Svoboda would not have ever been identified as the shooter and found.


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