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The United Fight


January 31, 2022 by nicolpe

This scene demonstrates the struggles that the working class is going through collectively. It is reaching out to the audience to see the extent of the sacrifices the majority has been giving up in the attempt to find work and make money while calling everyone to unify. The song illuminates the flaws where everyone has to give up essential needs to the low chances of receiving anything in return. It also reminds the working class that they make up the country and they need to come together and fight to win. These athletes all have the same skills, going through the same pain and fighting for the same thing. This relates to all of the working class who are fighting to find employment.The individual shots have synchronization in the movement of the athletes at the start of the races with medium and long shots. This, along with the song, relates to the unity of the community and the similarities in their lives. As the races come closer to the end, the shots are close ups and focusing more on the winner. Again, this, in cohesion with the song, relates to the message that once they work together there can be one collective winner, the working class.


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