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The Beginning of The End


January 31, 2022 by densonjl

The scene chosen was the backstory to the film. The clip does a great job at bringing you into the story by providing you with a little bit of what we’ll be seeing, unemployed people. You see newspaper articles stating people are out of jobs. More newspaper articles appear and when they do you notice that the number of people out of jobs is increasing drastically. This short clip is giving you the information you need for the film, the backstory. We can infer that this movie is related to the Great Depression because it was filmed in 1932 along with all the people out of jobs. In particular, the music is fast-paced. This could be to show how fast people were losing jobs. Not only is the music fast but every time a new newspaper article is revealed it slides up the screen quickly while you only catch a glimpse of the headliner. The music goes completely silent and the final article was “local Anzeiger job ads”. With this information, we know that everyone is most likely out of a job. No more articles are being put out about the ones losing jobs because there is no one left to lose a job.


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