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January 31, 2022 by haasepl

The Scene I have chosen from “Kuhle Wampe” was the scene where the family sat together at the table during dinner and discussed the unemployment topic which was surrounding the country. This also affected the son who was desperately looking for a job the entire day and to his father’s disappointment came back home with no money and job. The discussion quickly escalates with the father blaming his sons’ attitude and manners being the reason for him not getting a job but his siblings quickly defend his position. The moral of this story was that the son took his life because of all the pressure and negativity of the family. This scene in my opinion describes the situation the people have been during those years. The tone and pace of speaking is slow and the way they are speaking, especially the German language is definitely an older style than we know it from today’s time. The atmosphere during this scene could be described as very tense, which leads to show the desperation the people would have been to that time. And of course later on in the scene when the boy jumps out of the window represents the hopelessness of the people, not knowing what else to do, rather than escape life. The scene has been made with long pauses in between the discussion to make the affect even more dramatic and bring over the mood to the audience. 


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