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A song of the people.


January 31, 2022 by bittnerks

Wether starving or fed. The workers rally at the games in solidarity with one another. One message in mind. Keep moving forward. This scene shows the workers resiliency and determination to get through hard times. The song brings the workers together, they all suffer under the depression and struggle to find work. The workers games allow a platform for the people who cannot speak for themselves. Each kind of person is represented in this scene. The old, the young, man and woman, all are represented and stand equally during the song. The German flag blows in the wind, the German people are still proud of their nation and understand that the only way to get through the depression is to keep pushing and moving forward. The scene also allows the viewer to see a more positive side of this movie. The workers have hope, people have hope. There is comradeship among the people in this scene, there is no social or economic class, only one group. The group supports each other with out question, the song unites them. The scene also shows people of every occupation, their costumes in this scene prove that this was a diverse group of people from every walk of life and career.





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