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Unity Through Movement


January 30, 2022 by muthag

The chosen clip from the film takes place during the game scene. This scene consists of a motorcycle race, a rowing contest, and a swimming race. Within this clip, the movement is an important film technique used to highlight the themes. The theme of togetherness and unity is apparent throughout this scene. During each competition, the participants are moving together and working towards a common goal. Multiple close ups are shown of the competitors arm movements. Through the use of these close-ups, it is clearly shown that they are moving uniformly and working together. In addition, they are all moving toward the same point – the finish line. The finish line represents one common goal of the working class. At the end of this scene, all of the competitors cross the finish line because they worked together. In addition, the competitors always move from the left side of the frame to the right. Specifically, the row boat moves from the left to the right. They also move in the same direction when they are lining up on stage for awards. Left to right movement typically signifies a positive moment. Based on the celebration after the completion of the races, this is a positive moment. In this moment they have triumphed over their struggles because they united together. This parallels the success that they will achieve if they work together against their capitalist society. Overall this scene is important to the film because it demonstrates the importance of the working people joining together. It shows that when the working class joins together, they will be stronger and more successful.


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