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Unemployed yet Unwavering


January 30, 2022 by toccof

This scene shows the unemployed workers searching for jobs around Berlin in Kuhle Wampe. They bicycle together in unison and visit various places, knowing no work will be available. However, they do not give up and work as a force together, supporting one another during these desperate times. They are not in competition but rather comrades coming together to find employment. I chose to analyze this scene because it is pivotal to the themes and ideas addressed throughout the entire movie. It addresses the concept of Socialism because it shows the working class banding together as a community, looking for the same jobs. Everyone in this scene appears to be in the same position, while the wealthy and employed are not, another factor that Socialism strives to address. The music of this scene is fast-paced, like the motions of the cyclists, and almost ominous. It creates tension and leaves the audience hoping that at least one person finds work. In this montage, the camera repeatedly cuts from the workers on the bikes to the bike’s wheels and the buildings they go into. In the last scene of this clip, we see the workers coming into a building from an eye-level perspective. The camera moves from the workers and adjusts to a high angle of the top of the building, then moves back to an eye-level view of the workers coming out of the building. Although there is no dialogue in this scene nor text, we know this building had no work to offer simply because the scenes before it showed the workers going to other buildings and turning around upon seeing a”no jobs available” sign. Overall, this scene of the workers bicycling around Berlin addresses the themes of Socialism and the ideas of unison and comradery in the film and is pivotal to explaining the current struggles of the working class.



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