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The Race for Wage


January 30, 2022 by corkeryab

This clip that I took from Kuhle Wampe is from the beginning scenes of the movie Kuhle Wampe. All the clips that you see are giving establishing shots. From the scenery, you can see that you are in Germany in an area where the working-class lives. This scenery is giving low-angle shots of the building to show off the urban area. Urbanization is illustrated with the train They also illustrate the working class with the chimnies and smoke coming out of them coming from the factories. It shows how much work is going on. The next scene is a montage of different front pages of the local newspaper. This shows us the growing issue of unemployment that the Great Depression was giving not only Germany but the rest of the world. The next scene from the clip is the bike shots. They show us a montage of different men biking around Germany looking for jobs. So many people were jobless and unable to afford their rent that it was a race to find jobs. After this scene, there are tracking shots of the actual race that does occur. These few scenes that are shown give us a basis on what the film is about and give us an idea of what we will see as we continue to watch the movie.


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