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The Window of Truth


January 24, 2022 by haasepl

This specific scene from Sergei Einstein’s film “Strike”, comes to show the desperation of the people for change. The scene begins with protesters through the streets, which quickly escalates into rioting. The situation is already very tense amongst the people, as money is needed for food and a better living. Protesting seemed to be the only solution to gain the attention of the people in charge. But things escalated and a building was set on fire. The people seeked the chance to rush into the building at any cost to save and take valuables from the building, which could possibly be made to money. Quite obviously risking their lives by crawling through a burning window, or running into a with smoke filled building, illustrated the situation of the people at that moment. Specifically, the shot where the women crawled through the burning window and the entire rest of the crowd to be seen in the background of the frame, shows the desperation. The contrast between on the inside of the house with valuables such as the expensive looking stool and as a comparison on the outside the starving people wanting a piece of the cake as well. The Picture itself is shown from an high angle to more or less show the class system, with the workers being represented as the lower class and the business people owning the building being from the upper class.


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