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The Long and Lonely Hallway…


January 24, 2022 by ashikarija


This scene stuck-out to me in the film because of how visually dramatic it is. Placed between a montage of workers unionizing, this still shows the boss of the employees walking through the abandoned and torn up factory. He is shown to be fed up and bothered by the strike, and is shown walking through the hallway, alone. This is in direct contrast to the scenes that precede and follow this one of the workers all united and together in large crowds. It’s very much a contrast between “us” and “them”, and shows the power of numbers when it comes to making demands. The spatial conflict through motion is very interesting, as the boss continues to walk and gets smaller and smaller in the shot. The building and the walls seem to almost close in on him, which builds the tension. Also, the graphic conflict of the doors facing horizontally juxtaposes the boss walking vertically in the shot, subtly creating more visual forms of conflict and tension. The state of the hallway is a great use of mise-en-scene to highlight the destruction that the strike has led to in the building, and the boss walking right through that destruction unfazed is very telling of the boss’ awareness to the conditions the workers face. They clearly see messes and chaos on a daily basis, but they are so blinded by greed (and hiding away in their lavish offices) that they don’t notice/don’t care about the problems (both physical and economical) of the workers. While subliminal, this shot clearly aids in the separation between the workers and the elite.


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