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The Act that starts the Strike


January 24, 2022 by knightra

As we know of strikes today, they are typically started after an incident has occurred that changes the thoughts and ideas of a group, either it be a speech or act. I chose this scene because this is the act that gathers the rest of the men together for a call to action. It is after their friend and coworker commits suicide under the false accusations of him being a thief by the leaders of the company that the entire workforce stops working and incites the strike.  This group then leads the walk out of resistance for the factory, it is through this action and the knowledge of what the managers and bosses did and didn’t do that we see the strike form. This scene demonstrates the comradery of the workers as a whole and we then see them take the managers from the factory and throw them in the water. This is deemed an act of defiance and the strike forces the bosses to listen to their workers. This still of the men all gathered around the body of their friend/coworker incites Eisenstein’s message of the film because it shows the men huddled around the dead body with looks of defeat, concern, and rage as their friend lays still due to the accusations of the upper management of the company and their poor working conditions. Overall this scene is very important to the message of film because it shows that the bosses do not care about the lives of their workers and we see the workers rising to action to fight this oppressive workplace.


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