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Gluttonous Businessmen


January 24, 2022 by sullivandr1

Throughout Eisenstein’s “Strike”, the separation of the working class and the superiors is harshly enforced, adding to the themes of class separation and distinction. But perhaps one of the most explicit portrayals of classism can be observed in this shot. Shot at a high angle, this image does well in illustrating the wealth and power of the factory superiors both implicitly and explicitly. The choice of angle for the shot makes the audience aware of just how powerful the men are; the angle of the shot displays the sheer grandeur of the room in which the men are in, complete with columns and chandeliers, thus rendering their importance. Additionally the inclusion of items of wealth and opulence, such as the fancy set of crystal for their beverages ensures the audience is aware of exactly where the men fall in the class system. This creates the juxtaposition between the bosses and the workers, or the “haves” and “have-nots”. The fact that the men are seated again reinforced the idea of how wealthy and powerful they are. Rather than being portrayed as standing and working with their hands, or exerting any sort of physical effort, the men are sitting and talking over fancy beverage, showing that they not only have the time for such chit chat, but that the issues of the workers are hardly of concern to them. Additionally, in comparison to the workers in other shots of the film, the bosses are all rather heavy, implying they have the means to indulge, once again reinforcing the implication of their wealth.


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