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Expendable Animals


January 24, 2022 by densonjl

What does the killing of pigs and cows have to do with workers? The still above is at the end of the film when there is a constant shift between the murdering of animals and workers. The people who worked in the factory were not treated as people whatsoever. The boss himself stated before this scene, “carnage”. The people in charge do not care about their workers if they are willing to kill them instead of compromising. So when the shift between a cow having guts spill out and people being shot you come to realize they have shared a similar life. You can always breed more animals to kill and eat up while you can always find more people to work and use for your own benefit. Both the animals and workers are expendable.

The knife coming down after the word “carnage” is spoken is pre-shadowing the killing of the workers. The butcher’s hand can be seen as the hands of the bosses who are the ones to blame for the murdering of innocent workers. When the shifts between animals being killed and then the people you see the similarities. In the end, both animals and workers are expendable, their fate is to be replaced.


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