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The Song of The People


January 23, 2022 by coelhoce

This still is quite interesting as it incorporates a long shot for the strikers walking up the hill, but also overlays the image of the accordion over it. While the clearer shot of the hill is less focused on one particular thing and is meant to show a variety, the overlaid shot of the accordion focuses only on the instrument. It seems to be one of those shots where one of the things happening within the scene isn’t necessarily actually happening in the scene, or rather is there as a metaphorical symbol to add meaning rather than something literally happening.

Previously in this part of the movie the film itself states that the accordion is leading the way in the march. While we can’t literally see the accordion with them, having it overlaid shows the intention of having the tune “lead” them in a way as they’re singing along to the same thing. In the context of the rest of the film, the music coming from said accordion is solidifying their unification for their cause. This is important because it shows they are now going to dedicate themselves to protesting their working conditions by taking to the streets. And nothing will stop them from singing about it.


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