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The consequences of a strike


January 23, 2022 by glenniecd

In Eisenstein’s film Strike, there are many different conflicts between the working class and the poor. At the end of the film, we see the soldiers fighting the strikers and killing them in the process. The screenshot features a high-angle medium shot of the soldier holding a child over a railing before dropping and killing the child. To me, this was the cruelest and most deep scene. It shows how the soldiers don’t care for the livelihood of the workers, but more importantly, it shows what happens as a consequence of workers going on strike; it shows the power of the rich and how they control everything. There was no point in dropping the child. There wasn’t even dialogue; the soldier simply took the child and dropped him. Before the child was picked up, the word “beasts” appeared on screen, giving an obvious title to who the antagonists are in the scene. I feel this creates a type of hatred towards the wealthy bosses and the soldiers. What was also very disturbing to me was the long shot of the child falling and the high-angle close-up of the child dead on the floor; this only illuminated the scene more, created more powerful emotions, and showed how cruel humans could be. 


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