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The Battle of Two Classes


January 23, 2022 by corkeryab

This still from the movie strikes displayed the demise of the working class. In the scenes leading up to this, the working class was working hard to fight against the unfair conditions of the factory. In the scenes leading up to this, you can see the strikers slowly losing their battle. There are scenes where women are getting hit by law enforcement and there is utter chaos. No one is safe. The stakeholders were doing everything in their power to keep their business the same as it was before because of their greed. The same greed that made them laugh at the demands of the working class.

This scene is a long shot of the deaths of the strikers. It illustrates how many lives were lost during the battle. During this clip, the cameraman pans across the screen to show even more bodies. Just minutes before, the stakeholders were laughing over them progressively gaining more and more power. The music that is playing is very up-tempo. When they finally get to this scene, the music gets quiet and sets an ominous as we are shown hundreds of dead bodies. This shot shows truly how vicious we as humans are and how much we crave power


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