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Shutting Out the Truth


January 23, 2022 by pearsonkl

In this still from Eisenstein’s film Strike, one of the people in charge of the factory is gazing out on the large mass of workers gathered together to show they are going on strike. The boss is found high up in the factory completely separate from the group below. This shows the detachment of the bosses of the factory from the workers. The workers are banded together in a big and powerful group showing the idea of group strength and solidarity that was so popular at the time this film was created.

In this scene, the factory workers were throwing rocks at the windows of the factory, breaking them and getting the attention of the people in charge. At this particular moment captured in the still, the boss is shutting the window much like he is shutting out the demands of the workers. However, the window is transparent, so just because he can’t hear the workers, it is still apparent they are there and that they are willing to fight for better treatment and pay.

This particular shot is a mid shot portraying the shift in equality between the workers and the bosses. We can see both one of the bosses and the crowd of workers. Now that the workers have started their strike, they have gained some power over the bosses, but not enough to warrant all of the focus.


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