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Fight for Fairness


January 23, 2022 by kingsk

The protesters were striking through town as the rebel rousers set a building on fire. The audience can infer that this building is one of the buildings in which the civilians work, because the scene appears after a still labeled “At Work.”. Rather than letting their employer’s building burn to the ground with everything in it, the protesters changed the direction of their march to head toward the smoking building. In this still, protesters are seen coming in and out of the building that appears to be on fire with furniture and other valuables that were inside the building. The distress of the protestors is shown in many aspects of this still. One example is the woman in the bottom left corner. The woman appears to be comforting the two children in her lap while people are running in and out of a burning building behind her. The fast movement of people running in and out of the building is another display of distress. The transitions before and after this shot are extremely fast which adds to the feeling of confusion and chaos. The shots before and after this one also show chaos through falling objects and flames. The rushed movements along with the quick transitions in this scene tie together with the overall theme of conflict. The workers attempt to run into the burning building and prevent damage to the same place they are protesting the conditions of. The scene makes it clear that the protesters were not evil but rather just wanted fair working conditions.


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