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Dictatorship in the Workplace


January 23, 2022 by kellycr

     The screenshot I chose to write about shows one of the factory bosses having their hand on the map of the factory. The still is a close up shot showing their hand firmly placed on the map, which radiates power and control. The still is extremely significant in this scene, because it reveals how the boss has or is trying to control the factory workers and put a stop to the strikes. Later in this same scene, something that has a lot of significant is a bottle of ink falling onto the map. The ink looks like the blood of the workers and it symbolizes bloodshed of the workers. Overall in this particular montage, the boss has his hand on the map and then clips of the workers fighting back are shown.

    Then after the ink is spilled onto the map, clips of the workers being killed are shown. From the clips and symbolism, you can conclude that the factory bosses are now closer to the winning side of the strike. This scene is significant to the film as a whole. It shows the resistance of the workers and how strikes can happen due to poor working conditions and wages. Strikes can end up being successful due to the way everything in the factory stops and production is halted. 



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