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Challenging The Means Of Oppression; Strike


January 20, 2022 by bittnerks

The worker boards the train and rallies his colleagues. This particular screenshot gives a sense of what the workers were trying to achieve. For too long they had been oppressed by the means of production and the bosses. Boarding the train is symbolic for taking back the means by which they have been oppressed by. The worker’s face, focused and determined. His arm raised and waving, a message to follow, to join the cause and create change. He is a leader and yet part of the pack. He is individual in this shot but belongs collectively to the whole. He is simply one part to the movement. The way he stands is confident. Daring to defy the bosses and the factory which had previously ruled over them with an iron fist. Now, he takes the power back, for a fleeting instant he is able to overrule the status quo. The juxtaposition of the man and train also stands out. The man, humble yet courageous. The train, an emotionless steel beast with one purpose, a tool of industry. The bosses cannot see the difference between man and train. The worker in this shot is almost saying, “Here I am, I am real and I am powerful”.




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