Women’s and Gender Studies

    Program in Women’s and Gender Studies   Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Activity 1: Workshop on WGST 200–syllabus planning and discussion of goals for the course, held before semester began

Activity 2: Prepare for and participate in public panel discussion of the WGST major and WGST 200, open to students and faculty

Activity 3: Roster faculty paired with adjunct faculty visit each other’s classes and hold follow-up discussions

Activity 4: At a final wrap-up session, adjuncts share their concerns and suggestions with WGST director and associate director

Teaching assignments & background of WGST adjuncts: All teach the major’s intro course (WGST 200) in which many students enroll for Gen Ed credit. Roster faculty also teach these courses. All adjuncts have some teaching experience; some have full-time jobs elsewhere.  

panel discussion

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