Updates and Procedures in Fall 2015

1. Academic Affairs pays adjunct faculty $25 per hour for approved activities.

2. Small stipends may be available for roster faculty who develop materials, presentations, or mentoring programs for their department’s adjunct faculty.

3. Some funding will be available from an Academic Affairs Foundation account to furnish refreshments during professional development sessions. Departments and Schools are also free to use their own Foundation accounts to provide additional refreshments.

4. In planning your programs, keep the following in mind:

  • You may propose single events, a series of workshops, or a semester-long program.
  • Training sessions, workshops, and mentoring or collaborative pairings between roster and adjunct faculty are all eligible for funding.
  • Consider offering training on your department’s annual evaluation process for adjunct faculty. If you require a teaching portfolio or other materials as part of this process, consider offering formative activities in which adjunct faculty can receive coaching or work on materials they may need for evaluation.
  • Consider planning some activities designed only for new adjuncts or only for experienced adjuncts. Each adjunct should participate in those activities most appropriate for his/her teaching and level of familiarity with your department.
  • Programs should be developed by your department, program, or school. You may include training provided by other College personnel–TLT, Library, Office of Institutional Diversity, College Reads! program, etc. You may also include an activity produced outside your department, if it’s clear that the activity enhances courses taught by your adjunct faculty.
  • Departments may add activities after they have received initial approval for a program. If you wish to add an activity, email a request to the Professional Development Coordinator.

5. The new process for getting funding is similar to the two-step process of getting a Travel Authorization before travel, then filing a Travel Reimbursement form documenting the travel that’s occurred. Documents are now online and may be filled out electronically.

  • First submit a completed authorization form requesting advance approval for funding your professional development program.
  • The authorization form contains links to forms you’ll need to complete to pay each adjunct and, if applicable, any roster faculty stipends and Foundation funds for refreshments.
  • After completing your approved program, submit this transfer of funds form along with documentation of each activity. Academic Affairs will then approve the transfer of funds.
  • Apply for the maximum number of participants and hours you expect. After completing your program, submit documentation for the actual hours worked by those who were able to participate.
  • Apply at least two weeks before your program begins and submit documentation within two weeks after the program is completed.
  • All funding requests are subject to availability of funding in Academic Affairs.

Contact the Professional Development Coordinator, Julia Eichelberger, if you have questions or would like assistance with planning your program. eichelbergerj@cofc.edu