Department of History  Spring 2015

In this program, adjunct faculty contributed to a semester-long discussion of the teaching of World Civ. Working with the chair, adjuncts prepared for and conducted presentations that enrich their own pedagogical toolkits while sharing their expertise in teaching World Civ. Presentations were open to all department faculty.

Activity 1: Adjuncts meet with chair to discuss program and decide on topics

Activity 2: Adjuncts prepare for and participate in first panel discussion, open to all department faculty. Topic: ” The Goals of Introductory Courses. . . and How to Attain Them.”

Activity 3: Second panel discussion. Topic: “The Interactive Classroom.”

Teaching assignments & background of adjuncts: Teach History 116 and 117 (World Civ, the Gen Ed History requirement). Adjuncts have extensive teaching experience; many have been teaching in this department for many years.

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