English Department Adjunct Program Fall 2013

  • Workshop 1 (August 15): Distinctive features of C of C’s English 110; ways to respond to student writing
  • Workshop 2 (mid-September): How to teach research skills & the annotated bibliography
  • Workshop 3 (October): Classroom management, sample lessons in writing instruction
  • Mentor and mentee observed each other’s classes, met at least 3 other times to discuss their syllabi, assignments, classroom observations, & adjunct’s teaching portfolio; mentors coached adjuncts on ways to strengthen classroom teaching and portfolio.

Teaching assignments & background of adjuncts: All teach English 110, a course regularly taught by nearly all visiting and tenure-track faculty. Most adjuncts are at early stage in teaching career; a few are first-time teachers. Almost all aspire to a permanent college-level teaching position.

Detailed schedule for English Dept Adjunct Development Program

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