Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

Portuguese class

Students can choose a Minor in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies.  Launched in Fall 2017, this interdisciplinary minor combines courses in advanced Portuguese language and culture, Portuguese literature in translation, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, History and Political Science. For more information on course requirements, visit the Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Minor catalog.

  • Portuguese fulfills the language requirement of four semesters or the equivalent at the College of Charleston.  The Basic Track 101-102-201-202 (12 credits in 2 years) or the Fast Track 120-250 (12 credits in 1 year) counts toward the Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Minor.  So when you complete the CofC foreign language requirement by taking Portuguese, you will already have 6 credits toward a minor!
  • Classes for this minor can be all in Portuguese, or in Portuguese combined with classes in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Political Science, or History (taught in English).
  • In the sequence Portuguese 101 to 202, you will acquire the four basic skills for communication: reading, writing, speaking and listening, and we introduce you to the culture of Brazil and the other Lusophone countries. Our classes are small, allowing for special attention to each student, with a variety of co-curricular activities each semester.
  • The College of Charleston offers you the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Brazil with our partner university or other universities.  In addition, we offer a summer study abroad program in Brazil led by our faculty, with no Portuguese language requirement.


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