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Walters Art Museum in Baltimore

July 8, 2009 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Triumph of Dionysus sarcophagus - c. A.D. 190

Triumph of Dionysus sarcophagus - c. A.D. 190

A few weeks ago I took a trip up north and visited the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.  Over the years I had often come across discussions of pieces in the Walters collection, and had long wanted to visit.  It is terrific — one of the finest museums I have visited in the U.S.  They have a comprehensive collection of Greek and Roman antiquities, including sculpture, painting, jewelry, metalwork, coins and more.  The website for the museum is also excellent — you can view images of the items in the collection and read brief descriptions.  Well worth checking out — and certainly worth a visit if you are near Baltimore or passing through (there is no substitute for seeing things in person!!)


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  • Amy Mannarino

    Thanks for the positive review. As a classics professor, you may be interested in checking out our fall exhibition opening Oct. 16 called “Heroes: Mortals and Myths of Ancient Greece.” This exhibition with pieces from across the U.S. and Europe will be free.

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