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“Model” Rome

May 25, 2009 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

I’ve been experimenting with tilt-shift photography — a technique that makes images of real sites look like pictures of models.  Here are two shots of Rome. 

Arch of Titus "Model"

Arch of Titus "Model"


House of Vestals "Model"

House of Vestals "Model"

What do you think?  For interesting pictures of Charleston, with weekly updates, check out: http://tinycharleston.blogspot.com/



  • Melissa Huber

    Wow, those pictures really do look like models! Is the editing done with a specific software?

    I like the new blog/website Dr. Phillips!

  • phillipsd

    You can edit photos with any software — I used Photoshop. Basically, the process involves saturating the colors and blurring the top and bottom of the image. Thanks for the posting, Melissa!

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