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Thank you for visiting the blog of the Fall 2022 Botany class at the College of Charleston. Dr. Dan McGlinn asked his students to each chose a peer-reviewed published scientific paper to share with the broader community. The product of the students’ hard work is this blog. We hope you enjoy reading and that you learn something interesting! Here is a table of all posts but can they can also be found using the search bar for keywords. Please share and leave us a comment!

Dan McGlinn

Author Title of post
All class members Apples-to-Apples: understanding how a-peel-ing different apple varieties are
Akshaya Ragukumar Ajitha Morphological changes happen to maize over time
Anna D’Aleo
Emily Kang Why is the monstera deliciosa fruit popular
Akshith Ragukumar How do plants communicate
Percival Knight Grasslands need to be eaten
Elizabeth Richey Have you tried botanical pesticides
Christian Hamner Fermented drinks span way back to ancient china
Alannah Burrill
Kayla Humphries Stop taking turns your garden will thank you for cover crops
Ashley Washington Folk medicine in nepal claimed to prevent covid 19
Abby Satterwhite Why cant we bee friends plants compete for pollinators
Abby Ayling Dumbing down a scientific paper and relating it to mushrooms
Larina Evstafyeva Soil and the human gut biome they are more related than you think
Alexis Billings Stress is good mycorrhizal fungi feel stressed too
Maggie Wetzel Little turtles trek to sea
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